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first day of finals down! hard english and then APUSH. english was ok. had to do a movie critique essay on the great gatsby. but APUSH was friggin hard! well. not hard. intense. 80 multiple choice questions and then a DBQ essay on the Era of Good Feeling after the War of 1812.
the only good thing about today is that school got out at 12:20. i hung out though until around 1. i was dying of hunger after school but noone wanted to go eat so i had to wait until i got home. i totally destroyed teh frige. i ate a bowl of fried rice, 16 water dumplings, and 5 pieces of lamb. and im still hungry. idk whats wrong with me. i think im going through a growth spurt. oh i hope not...i dont want to get taller.

you know its true. <3


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take me here one day and i would be one ridiculously happy girl.